How to Procreate a Healthy Family
by Max Teran
Citi of Books

"Let’s put it this way, you as a father or mother have the bow in your hands; they, your children, are the arrows."

Author Teran has diligently pondered and here explores central issues contributing to the successful management of family matters. He recounts his and his wife’s experience of family building based on their mutual Christian principles. He suggests that obedience is a major factor, with parents showing children how and why to obey. Authority will aid in children’s understanding of successful family structure, with the father as the head of the family and the mother as his equal, both with distinct roles in the children’s care. Faith can bolster all positive qualities applied, as Teran advises, while determination keeps all those qualities active.

Cooperation between parents and the entire family group is another essential. Respect is also necessary and is a way for parents to control common problems like sibling rivalries. Displaying tolerance, adults encourage their children to do likewise, enacting the commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Discipline at all levels is an essential factor in harmonious family life. Surprisingly, Teran cites failure as a needed aspect of familial togetherness. Handling present and past failures with renewed courage provides a deeply meaningful, inspiring example. And throughout, Teran reminds his readers of the power of prayer.

Teran, who works in real estate and acts as pastor of a local Texas congregation, shares valuable insights into family life in his book. At one point in his work life, he suffered a terrible injury and was told he would not walk again. Yet he walks, writes, and with his wife, maintains the family cohesion that he recommends here, conveying thoughtful reasoning powers and using lively, realistic examples. Clearly, writing has become another of his many skills. Teran’s readers will want to share this guidebook, utilize it for workshops among like-minded peers, and hope for further direction and counsel from this illuminating source.

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