"Build your self-care reserves with smart self-care strategies so that your whole being can stay well—during crisis mode or not."

This guide to self-care begins with a metaphor of the empty bucket that needs to be filled in order for people to stay physically and emotionally well. When people draw from the overflow rather than the dregs of the bucket, they are better able to thrive in the stress of modern life. This book offers simple tips and ideas for beginning to fill one's bucket one drop at a time. Organized by days of the week, readers can try one new thing each day and feel renewed by these self-care practices. The seven daily themes include staying present, motivated, flexible, realistic, supported, connected, and resilient. Each theme is briefly explained with the intent to motivate and inspire and is followed up with practical ways to implement the strategy. This slim volume offers achievable actions that do not overwhelm or overload with suggestions and advice.

Gentile wisely invites mastery of a focused set of seven strategies which allows readers to hone their ability to practice self-care every day of the week. The suggested activities include breathing exercises, meditations and mantras, affirmations, and basic yoga. The author's wisdom and experience shine through to inspire and motivate with accessible and straightforward practices that can provide calm in the chaos. She exudes kindness and boundless hope for staying connected in mind, body, and spirit no matter how trying life becomes amid a pandemic and beyond. Her simple but powerful guide can serve as an effective launching point for managing stress by acquiring self-care practices that can be adapted into daily routines.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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