How to Understand and Talk Like a Jamaican
by Anthony McLaughlin

"This package is designed to assist with learning to speak our dialect and is guaranteed to help you feel more comfortable in the presence of any Jamaican."

Recognizing that many people in the U.S. enjoy the way Jamaicans speak due to the “unique accent,” as well as the often-experienced misunderstanding due to both pronunciation and word usage, the author of this guide was inspired to produce this work to assist non-natives with the Jamaican dialect. Drawn from a set of daily conversation examples and questions commonly asked by visitors to the Caribbean island, selected vocabulary, phrases, questions, and answers are presented, first in English and then accompanied by the Jamaican equivalent. Dialogues range from dining out, shopping, entertainment, and everyday business and social situations. Finally, a brief but colorful and informative history of Jamaica rounds out the monograph.

McLaughlin has done a remarkable job with this unique guidebook. Not only is the information presented helpful for any traveler to Jamaica, but any reader interested in the eccentricities and specifics of the Jamaican dialect will find the author’s voice welcoming, conversational, and quite affable. As he writes in the introduction, “soon you and I might be able to have amazing conversations with one another. Until we meet, enjoy!” The translation information is presented in an easy-to-digest and comprehensible manner. The book itself is handy, fitting easily into a pocket or book bag. Significantly, this material makes for a fun read, even if one is not soon to travel to the island. Simply taking in McLaughlin’s enthusiasm and partaking in a sampling “taste” of the richness and vibrancy of the Jamaican dialect proves highly enjoyable. As the author states, “This book will help bridge the gap between you and any Jamaican by offering a taste of our vibrant, exotic and heartful culture and language. There is much beauty to discover within this beloved island.” Likewise, there is much of interest to discover within these sixty vibrant pages.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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