by Monique Gliozzi
Tellwell Talent

"'I’m only saying that just 'cause a woman is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t still do stuff,' Clara offered. Then she was gone."

In this sequel to Foresight, Gliozzi continues the story of Isabella, a talented detective who has a sixth sense (dreams) that usually helps her solve her cases. However, now the stakes have escalated. Though newly married and pregnant, Isabella has no intention of slowing down, not when Peter Steil—a murderer who killed his parents and twin brother—is on the loose. Even if she has to cross the world to see her duty through, she will do so.

Since the first book, Isabella has always been strong and determined. These characteristics are showcased even more this time around with her rightful stubbornness when choosing who goes undercover to find Peter. It's refreshing to see the support she gets when deciding this instead of the expected pushback because she is a pregnant woman.

Along the way, several new characters join the cast. More interestingly, though, Peter's character is explored further. Though the book is written in the third person, many of the chapters are written from Peter's point of view, which really allows Gliozzi to get into the antagonist's narcissistic mind. In fact, Gliozzi does a great job at showing his two faces—how he can be a gentleman one moment and a murderer the next—truly questioning the lengths in which a person's true self can be known to the outside.

Overall, the sequel is short and fast-paced with brief chapters, just like its predecessor. While this pacing keeps the reader on their toes, it tends to give the story a barebones feel, leaving one wishing that the side characters could have been explored more thoroughly and that more descriptive details could have been provided to show rather than tell the story. Nonetheless, seeing everything unfold definitely makes for an interesting read.

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