"Tantrums, meltdowns, freak-outs, and fits—no matter what you call them, they are disruptive. They can make us fear our children, embarrass us in public and cause us to lose our cool."

Most parents love their children with their whole hearts, but sometimes being a parent can be the hardest thing one has ever done. In her book, Bagdade offers sound advice for parents struggling with children who have different needs. With stories and examples from the author’s own experiences, this book is highly relatable for parents and provides an inspiring sense of hope that is also coupled with a sense of humor.

With over twenty years of experience with special needs children and in education, Bagdade covers topics that range from toddler tantrums that parents know all too well to enjoying one’s children again. With engaging analogies, sample conversations with various aged children, and “aha moments,” her book is both easy to read and entertaining. While the author shares her secret weapons of parenting in detail, she also understands the hustle and bustle many parents experience and ends every chapter with key points for busy moms and dads.

This book is full of enlightening ideas on how to best approach parenting at its most difficult moments. However, what stands out in Bagdade’s writing is her insightful approach to parenting each child in the home differently. Bagdade emphasizes that because all children are different, they should be parented differently according to the structures and expectations that work best for them. Although this idea sounds overwhelming, the author explains how to achieve this in a way that leaves parents feeling confident and hopeful again. With her informative book, Bagdade offers a fresh perspective on how one can view their role as a parent.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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