"Imagiland" starring Ozzie and Jerome and the Twins
by Pamalamadingdong
LitPrime Solutions

"'Silly Dizzie, you are in Imagiland, where everything is possible and safe,' he reassured her."

This is a delightful tale of twin girls Dizzie and Beth and their imaginary friends, Ozzie and Jerome. The sisters travel on their backs across the universe with these friends and meet more new ones. Landing at Spoony, they are given ice cream and drinks before the rest of their journey. Eventually landing on Imagiland, they arrive in a beautiful forest with huge lakes where the sand is made of diamonds. They are awed by the new creatures and the flowers and how friendly everyone is. After they go to a fun fair and ride the rides, they go to a restroom which twirls them into a new room with presents. In opening the gifts, they learn about greed, love, meanness, and kindness and decide to choose the two helpful words. On returning, they stop again at Spoony, where they are given a special spoon that will help them to "stir more love and kindness." Finally, they return to earth and their normal lives.

This joyful read for children about the importance of imagination also teaches important values about kindness, happiness, love, sharing, creativity, and caring. The storyline is very engaging, and the interesting artwork will easily capture a child's attention. A sweet poem at the end of the book nicely summarizes the importance of the reading. Also, the last few pages are in workbook form where there are suggestions and questions regarding the book and then spaces for art by the readers as well as spaces to answer questions. This is a valuable addition to a tale that is able to stand alone but which greatly benefits children in expanding their own imaginations. In short, Young has crafted a wonderful book for her readers to enjoy.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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