"I value you – more than you may know. Thank you for being here, with me, at this time in my life and in our spiritual community."

This book is a series of essays lovingly crafted by the author, documenting the lessons she has learned in her impressive lifetime. The selections are organized into sections that exemplify the actions of a full, well-lived life: communicating, participating, integrating, radiating, anticipating, appreciating, and celebrating. She shares stories from her childhood, such as an interaction with a neighbor who related a plant slowly blossoming to celebrating ourselves and our unique gifts in our own time. She also offers pithy bits of wisdom she has gained through her adult experiences, including different ways the COVID lockdown affected her life and relationships. Sprinkled in are reflections on books she has read or programs she has watched, as well as musings on aspects of life from friendships to family relationships to spending time outdoors.

Reading this collection feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air. The author writes as though she is speaking to a dear friend over a cup of coffee, coming across as warm, casual, and sincere. Her essays at once calm the soul and challenge the spirit, presenting both spiritual truths and hard-earned life lessons wrapped up in heartwarming stories. It is evident that the author has lived a full life and, despite challenges, has maintained a spirit of joy and thanksgiving. Her spirituality is evident in her words, but she is not aggressive, offering her beliefs through example rather than preaching. This book is perfect for anyone looking for inspiration, contentment, or insight, no matter their walk of life. One comes away from this book feeling refreshed and ready to find joy in all seasons of life.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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