"Understand that you are a being on a circular trip, crossing many bridges connecting Body, Mind and Spirit."

Redfern explains in her spiritually driven self-help book that a basic, straight-forward philosophy informs the approach she examines: "Living is meant to be simple and beautiful." Those she refers to as the Universal Beings have already achieved such a fulfilled peaceful existence. Particular individuals on this Universal plane, she explains, have connected with her through dreams and meditations, and she shares with the reader here on the Earth plane their messages of peace and integrity, the importance of eating local, living simply, and giving thanks. The author's work is divided into sections on basic philosophy behind building such inner bridges, the environmental connection, exploring various meditation practices, how food choices fit into the equation, embracing stimuli of all of our senses, exercise, and the role of family and social connection.

A common refrain found throughout reminds readers to "Honor the Wind. It brings beauty, change and tranquility into our lives. Honor the Rain. It brings nourishment, excitement and other beings. Honor the Earth. It brings food, balance and serenity. Honor the Sun. It brings warmth, energy and peace."

In this practical guide to achieving harmony and inner peace, Redfern draws upon a considerably complex and large body of material from various cultural traditions, distilling the key takeaways into easily digestible and understandable elements for the reader. Presented with an all-encompassing range of tools and practices, readers are provided ample leeway to pick and choose which specific practical aspects work for them on an individual basis. The obvious passion for the subject matter by this author is palpable. Readers who enjoy thought-provoking, spiritually based inspirational guides to achieving peace and harmony will undoubtedly find much inspiration—as well as practical, actionable exercises—within these pages.

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