Jexter Bladebrace and the Exalted Kingdom
by Jamie Smartkins
Olympia Publishers

"’No need to fear, Earthlings, we are here to protect you.’"

In the year 2080 A.D., Jexter Bladebrace finds himself among several dozen humans who survive a massive asteroid that has wiped out most forms of life on Earth. They are in danger of drowning as most landmasses sink into the oceans until kindly aliens known as the Spectropeans arrive to grant them the ability to transform into mermaid-like beings capable of leading aquatic existences. Jexter and his friends Shelly and Mac become the leaders of a new civilization of human beings while coming to learn of their connections with the Spectropeans and fighting against the nightmarish forces of Diablocrox. As their tale progresses, they lay the foundations for a whole new world where humanity can flourish in peace and safety.

This novel is rich in creative ideas, including the introduction of an alien race that swoops in to help those in need. It is intriguing to read about one planet seeking to help another, especially when that world happens to be a mirror reflection of the other. So much happens during Jexter's adventure that there are times when the plot seems to move a bit too quickly. However, it is also true that all the twists and turns taken can keep readers invested as they try to figure out what might happen next, which is a good trait for any story to have. This whole book is clearly a labor of love by its author, offering an interesting science fiction tale for anyone to enjoy. Fans of apocalyptic fiction especially might wish to gravitate toward this imaginative work.

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