"Science is confirming what was written in scripture thousands of years ago."

Author Saunders has composed a lively treatise based on the proposition that we are now living in the end times prophesied in scripture, with only decades, perhaps, before the universe is destroyed, subsumed in the glorious presence, or Parousia, of God. To bring this significant reality home to readers, the author offers dynamic analogies, especially citing the biblical image of the thief in the night, who can enter our homes quietly and steal our possessions while we sleep contentedly, even arrogantly, assuming that we have made all adequate precautions for our safety from such intrusions. The cataclysm, Saunders asserts, is already underway in the form of "climate change, supervolcanoes, and the hidden dangers coming from space that we can't see or detect now." Given this crucial situation, the Christian's role is not to quibble about details but to pray for acceptance and glorify God's works.

Saunders, who teaches in school and church settings, has clearly given these issues her profound attention. Her prose is logical and tirelessly underpinned by scriptural references and apt examples, such as her comparison of the end times to the sinking of the Titanic or the refusal of Jews in Hitler's Germany to believe that they were targeted for extinction. Saunders lists numerous animal species that have disappeared. As a preterist, she shows the significance of such proven fact in building the case for the imminent end times. She avoids blaming those Christians who have acted as they believed they should up until now but advises them to begin to concentrate their spiritual efforts on aligning themselves with the much-anticipated return of Yeshua. With its copious bibliography, her book is appropriate for Christian individuals or groups open-mindedly examining current world crises from a biblical viewpoint.

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