Lady Meets Daisy
by Teagan Harman-Pyers

"There once was a lady who everyone knew. She was seldom caught feeling, sad, down, or blue."

This story regarding a wealthy young woman reveals that riches are not the most important things. It shows the woman's love for the good things money can bring her—a car, clothes, shoes, and other material goods. But she finds that even with all of these goods, something is missing in her life.

Going outside to try to enjoy the day, she spots a hot-air balloon with stripes and thinks she needs these in her life. She goes and buys striped clothing, but it doesn't help. Then she sees a checkered pattern and buys the corresponding clothing, but this still doesn't help. She collapses from the stress, looks up, and sees a wooden box filled with puppies with polka dots. She realizes she needs dots, lots and lots of dots, and adopts a puppy. She learns that material things are not important, but the love of a beloved pet can save the day.

This interesting and well-written story focuses on how one can seemingly have everything in life but still be unhappy. The value of a pet is explored and shows how a dog can boost one's mood and values and that this is more important than a variety of belongings. The book uses rhyming to teach the story, which is quite helpful for early learners to repeat and integrate. The illustrations by Sierra Mon Ann Vidal are beautiful and give the reader a chance to expand upon the storyline—i.e., her beautiful clothes and her lovely pink car while driving by a bakery and a café. Overall, this is a unique story with great art.

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