"We must consider the fact that leadership is certainly one of the most complex of human endeavors. It does help if you know yourself."

Through Joe Miller's journey from struggling owner of KC Miller Conveyor to thriving business leader, Tirrell takes individuals through four quintessential missions to complete the evolution of one's leadership ability. In much the same way Dan Millman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior uses a fictional narrative to teach self-discovery, Tirrell's tale is alluring because of its ability to seamlessly integrate teaching principles like Maslow's Hierarchy, technical and adaptive leadership, and the Cone of Uncertainty with an incredibly compelling back and forth narrative between Miller and a seemingly Yoda-like mentor, Sagen Cruz.

From the get-go, Sagen helps Miller focus on learning to take the lead by first properly valuing employees and placing trust in them through the delegation of responsibilities. In fact, as Miller cycles through creating followers, becoming a leader of leaders, and mastering the psychology of leadership, he finds himself transforming from the "do-it-all" boss to one who can designate and delegate objectively without taking leadership personally. Whether it's positive praise or allowing employees to become responsible and work through their challenges—rather than having the boss swooping in for the rescue every time—the narrative focuses on strategies that are long-term culture builders.

When Sagen emphasizes being all in and knowing what you are and aren't, he acknowledges that the process of building a successful leadership regime will have high anxiety and uncertainty. However, at the end of each section, Tirrell provides readers with a combination of thought-provoking questions in the "Case Study" portion and a concise, clear-cut unpacking of Sagen's mentorship process. Above all else, Joe is an everyman, an embodiment of all leaders. By allowing the aspiring leader to unlock the skillsets seamlessly through a story structure and combining the narrative with in-depth analytical questions, Tirrell's work becomes an instant must-have guide for building a successful leadership foundation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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