by Jonah Fontenot
Author Reputation Press

"A moment to relax the mind with a quiet lullaby in the arms of someone special."

In this book, Fontenot focuses on his early childhood with his mother and how she mentally and physically abused him. He also discusses his relationship with his wife. He reflects on the people he came across and their life experiences in his poetry. Fontenot's mother never showed him love and always treated him as an outcast. He wishes he had experienced that gentle touch of a loved one. In one example, he recounts the tale of a woman whose mother passed away and expressed the desire to feel her mother's touch again. The way Fontenot's mother treated him ultimately affected his relationship with his wife. Throughout his tale, he regrets having hurt her, wishing he could turn back the clock. However, God helped him understand that he should no longer dwell on the past. Better things can be done in the future.

Fontenot provides an honest, deep dive into his marriage and past relationships. He carefully points out how his wife has been patient with him throughout their journey together. The author offers a useful insight to readers about how one can love somebody unconditionally without limits. For example, his wife never gave up on their marriage. Fontenot explores the theme of patience and how it helped them navigate their lives. Each time they encountered a bump on the road, his spouse was patient enough for both of them. Indeed, the proverbial phrase "Patience is a virtue" totally applies in this context. Fontenot's work conveys the overall message that one should not take a loved one for granted. Life is too short. From the beginning, the author offers the readers his truth and does not hold back. Readers will appreciate the author's honesty and profound initiative to share his personal experiences with them.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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