"The God of heaven requires us to destroy the altars of all other gods (the spirit of sexual perversion is a god) in our lives."

Author and pastor Mukisa shares his experience of overcoming sexual perversion, which manifested in his life as carnal thoughts, urges, and encounters. He was young, married, and committed to his Christian ministry when he met a man who drew him into sexual behaviors, including pornography, and multiple contacts with those who served to inculcate him into the gay lifestyle. When he confessed his actions and feelings to his wife, she divorced him. Loss of livelihood soon followed, and his situation seemed hopeless until he heard from a friend about a Ugandan minister, Tom Mugerwa, who offered a means to overcome Mukisa’s obsessions. His meeting with Mugerwa brought an immediate sense of deliverance, but it would take time and much inner striving to make his release and repentance take hold. Mukisa’s manual presents scripture and acute, meaningful interpretation for those battling against the same challenges, citing specific words of the Holy Bible pertaining to sexual sin and composing words of guidance and prayer for his readers.

Mukisa, now married with children and restored to active ministry, has created a special “Annual Let my People Go” deliverance conference to impart to others the knowledge he has gained over years of dedicated biblical study and appropriate action. His book delineates how fleshly corruption of any sort deceives and continually attracts its participants, including the apparent, earthly logic that may underpin one’s tendency to continue down futile, self-destructive pathways, often leading to tragedy and early demise. He presents scripture to support his strong views of such perversions and to remind readers of how Jesus and those who wrote of him rejected sin while holding out hope for forgiveness. Mukisa’s personal experiences give his words special resonance and could inspire anyone confronting similar life challenges.

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