Let’s Chat - Cuba Cerita: Do it…
by Mia Kalila
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"Everything is ready for us but are we being grateful with all the amenities."

Combining the author's own life experiences with guidance on developing strong, functional human beings as they progress from childhood to adulthood, Kalila's work sheds light both on growing up as one of eleven siblings as well as the importance of every action and decision on the positive and negative outcomes of life. Speaking from the lens of her observations, the author outlines what she believes are strong gender norms and responsibilities as they pertain to parents toward their children and spouses to one another.

Kalila's text not only discusses the roles of individuals but also that of the school system. From fostering positive, healthy relationships between all races to ensuring that healthy options are available to students who are growing regularly—both physically and mentally—the book makes it clear that for students to achieve success, there must be a commitment to exceptional nourishment. More than anything else, the author suggests that a systematic approach that implements rules within the belief system is ideal for all of society to reach its desired goals.

At the core of her book, Kalila strives to alleviate stress and pressure from the individual. Wisely, she emphasizes that life will be full of challenges. However, she makes it clear that it is perfectly okay not to feel the best every day, as one learns to get stronger from it. Interestingly, with the many topics that the author reflects on, there is a strong likelihood that there will be a pathway for all audiences to glean some wisdom. Specifically, her deep probing of marriage, especially the period before popping the question, is intriguing with a series of thought processes and highly relatable musings. Using an informal, conversational tone to share her insights helps endear Kalila as an individual with whom audiences can easily connect.

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