Let’s Imagine an Adventure to… the Beach
by E. Sissy Crawford

"What do you think you might see at the beach? Smell? Hear? Feel?"

Based on asking questions, this children's book takes the reader through a day at the beach. Beginning by utilizing the senses of sight, smell, hearing, and feelings, it explores the sand and the ocean while asking further questions of the reader regarding what else could be seen. It continues in this vein—feeling the warmth, hearing the wind and birds, and exploring the various colors. Other questions continue, such as whether it is rainy or windy, what to wear, and what to find at the beach, such as seashells, towels, and rocks. The book also explains lighthouses, then returns to more questions about the senses and one's observations and imagination. Simple drawings enhance the narrative.

This book of thought-provoking questions for kids begins with dedications. The story offers some brief explanations, such as when it talks about lighthouses. The last two pages add to the book by focusing on ideas to help children expand their imagination and also give some helpful examples. This is a cute book aimed at expanding upon a child's knowledge. It teaches how to examine a story and come up with one's own answers and interpretations. The illustrations, while basic, add to the story as a way for children to point out the items being discussed—in this case, those commonly seen at the beach. However, the questions can, at times, come across as a bit redundant. Overall, though, Crawford has produced a good teaching story that promotes acknowledging and engaging in imaginative creation while also providing children a direct way to interact with the text.

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