Logic Behind Religion: Religion of Abraham
by Don B. Bandari, MD

"In my mind, the most important benefit anyone can get from religion is to understand the role of Gd in everyday living."

This book examines the validity of the Koran and the Torah as the basis of true religion. Bandari asserts that any true religion must be based on the unadulterated word of God as told to the prophets. In his opinion, the Koran is such a book as it hasn’t been filtered through interpretation. He also finds the Torah to be such a work as there are no contradictions between the two. He follows his logical conclusions through a series of chapters evaluating his premise. However, he doesn’t negate any religion that uses these books as its base. His argument is well-established, with plenty of examples to support his assertions. Bandari lays out his argument in chapters addressing the existence of God, true religions, true faith, and the unity and differences in humanity.

Bandari does a thorough job of handling his premise. His assertion of the validity of both the Koran and the Torah is well-researched. The author uses reason and logic to build his case for a true religion which he defines as “simply something that has come from Gd and makes a connection between Gd and humanity.” His discussion of the various problems that arise from religion is enlightening. He includes plenty of reference materials to back up his assertion. He is forthright in his belief that the real test is whether the basis of one’s religion is the true word of God as given to the prophets. He argues convincingly that only the Koran and Torah reflect the word of God and are worth examining. Though he never names any specific religion as the true religion, his writing makes it clear that he does lean heavily on the authenticity of God’s word. This fascinating read gives readers plenty to think about as they contemplate their own beliefs.

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