Looking for That Day
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"Fasten your seat belts for a ride. Our trip to Glory may take your breath
away, Because it won’t be like any other day."

With a nurturing grace, the author nudges audiences toward the light of the Lord’s path, providing readers with a blueprint for breaking through the ailments of the material world and finding everlasting comfort and solace with God. As David tackles the traditional elements of humanity spanning the spectrum of joy to grief, her poetry provides a steady hand to those seeking direction.

Stylistically, David utilizes the ABAB rhyme scheme and uses underlining for the final words of each line as a point of emphasis. In fact, much of the poetry is simple for the layman to understand, though still deep enough to be thought-provoking. Depicting Satan as the obstacle one must seek to avoid in his many forms (e.g., greed and temptation), David uses poetry like “Climbing Up” to highlight the importance of not only finding meaning but finding it in God’s Word rather than the material pitfalls ready to trip one up.

God’s prayer and Satan’s sinful nature are inherently intertwined within mankind. Yet, David argues, it is God who has sacrificed for us and who has promised to endure with us through both good times and bad. In “Baby Steps,” this appreciation for being renewed in prayer is heightened. The same joy that babies exhibit at their slightest movements is what will be felt with the same exuberance by those who embrace the Lord unconditionally. Overall, the author suggests that God’s Word and faith in Christ are the purest sources of joy on earth while one waits for Heaven. She does not suggest that obstacles won’t line one’s path or that one will make it through life in one piece. However, what she says with passion is to be prepared and to have one’s faith be the glue that can mend the broken.

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