Love and Marriage for a Lifetime
by Dr. David Stevens
Author Reputation Press

"Marriage is oneness made of two people. If you take the best that these two individuals have to offer, allowing it to mix and blend, the result should be strong and positive."

This Christian guide for men and women on finding love and success in marriage examines the ins and outs of dating, ideas for healthy dating activities, consideration of both partners' backgrounds, factors to consider insofar as engagement, and that which Stevens calls "God's triangular plan." This basic three-point foundation for biblical marriage is revealed in Genesis 2:24 when it says, "a man is to leave his father and his mother, cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." Citing his nearly forty years of "experience and passionate study" of love and marriage within a scriptural context, the author has counseled countless couples within the church. Additional significant aspects of a holy union are explored, such as honest communication, constant planning between husband and wife, and celebrating each other's strengths and gifts. Following the actual wedding itself, Stevens advises on dealing with personal differences and balancing "who is in charge," concluding with the important concept of "essential partnering."

It becomes apparent Stevens has made this much of his life's work, as an abundance of detailed information within these pages guides men and women journeying together through courtship, engagement, marriage, and then sustaining that marriage over time in a fashion which, the author describes, God has intended. For readers seeking such guidance, Stevens' book is likely the next best thing to being counseled by the author in person. Adding intellectual and emotional weight to the issues examined, Stevens does an outstanding job, including anecdote after anecdote. Real-life examples from his work with couples over the years on any range of related issues are generously shared with the reader. This all stands as a testament to Stevens' decades of experience within this purview, and the authoritative nature of his guidance is clear.

Honrable Mention in the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award E-Book Nonfiction Category

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