Love Vs. Life
by Juaneetah Perry
Author Reputation Press

"She just knew a change was bound to happen she just didn't know what it was just yet."

Perry explores the theme of love being blind through the lenses of the protagonists, Angel and Juan. Angel and Juan instantly fall in love in high school. Over the years, Angel realizes that Juan is controlling, physically abusive, and possessive. One day, she meets a man online named John. Later, Angel finds out that John turns out to be Juan's brother. She does not reveal the truth about John to Juan but stops talking to John. After being rejected one more time, John rapes Angel in a fit of rage, and she gets pregnant. Upon hearing about Angel's pregnancy, Juan positively changes his ways toward Angel. Angel does not tell him about the rape and passes off the baby as his. Throughout the years, John's shadow will loom over Angel's happiness, and she will be ready to do anything to keep her family together.

The author deeply dives into Angel's mental and psychological state regarding her relationship with Juan. For example, the author lays out Angel's emotions when Perry describes the scene in which Juan hits Angel for the first time. Angel is torn between her love for Juan and her sanity. She does not want to let go of him despite him mistreating her. Conflict is on her mind, but she chooses to stay in the relationship. As a matter of fact, Perry establishes a sharp contrast between Angel staying in this toxic relationship and Angel seeking attention online from a stranger. Angel does not want out of the relationship, but at the same time, she talks to a mysterious man on the internet. Overall, readers will appreciate this book because it conveys the idea that anybody can choose to go on the right path and change.

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