"The first thing to do is to make it clear that you’re not pressuring him into anything."

Pierre’s guide shares shades of Think Like a Man, yet the simplicity and clarity with which the author deconstructs the elements that can transform a relationship from a first meeting to marriage is intriguing. In the process of finding the ideal marriage partner, women will rediscover their identities and be infused with confidence that will benefit them in all endeavors.

Rather than your typical book on relationships, however, the author’s guide adds a variety of layers that focus on the evolving role of women in society, the carry-over of experiences from the woman’s own upbringing and adulthood, and many more nuanced topics. The sincerity with which Pierre approaches the seventy-seven secrets from both a practical and theoretical approach is commendable. Interestingly, the text accounts for several scenarios, like whether the man comes from a single-mother household. In each case, Pierre dives deep into the various pitfalls that can unintentionally derail an otherwise fruitful union.

The extent of detail in the book is beyond comprehensive, going into such nitty-gritty details as the table positioning on a first date. In each chapter, Pierre’s advice culminates with key principles to remember that tie the depth of each chapter in a succinct and crystal-clear manner. Phrases like “be yourself,” “be genuine,” and “avoid overanalyzing” act as a mantra that women can adopt into their dating lives to evolve toward the commitment phase and ultimately marry their ideal man. Equipped with the tools to thrive in a meaningful relationship, women will likely find value in the author’s advice. Pierre has constructed a resourceful roadmap for women to adopt elements as they deem fit.

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