Mia Discovers Rome
by Alexandria Pereira

"I live in Italy, and this was my and Rome’s history. Thank you, Grandma."

Mia is enjoying a delicious lunch served by her caring Grandma when she suddenly asks if they can go to the museum. They've visited there before to examine elements of their shared Italian past, and now Mia wants to learn more about Rome and the Romans. Once there, Mia views a display about two of her ancient ancestors, the Etruscans and the Greeks. The Greeks sailed to Italy and met with the residents of Rome, teaching them many valuable skills like using the alphabet and preparing great foods like pizza and ice cream. This spurred the Romans to construct grand buildings like the first huge arena, the Colosseum, and build many miles of roads radiating out from Rome across their known world. Grandma tells Mia about the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius in Roman and modern times and about the city within a city—the Vatican. They discuss the development of Roman governance, from an empire to something more like a democracy to the modern creation of the Italian Republic. Mia thanks Grandma for helping her absorb all this important knowledge about her heritage.

The creator of Mia's discovery series is a high school student whose own grandmother guided her to appreciate world history. In honor of that training, and to pass her experience on to a new generation, Pereira has included two valuable tools for those wishing to use the book as a teaching vehicle: a "Historical Timeline" tracing Roman events from 800 BC to 1999 and "Education Support Activities," including aspects of botany and other sciences along with a "Peace Curriculum" to encourage conflict resolution skills among young learners. Pereira's book and series will undoubtedly garner an enthusiastic response from children and adults alike with its clear purpose, realistic, colorful illustrations, and a healthy perspective that focuses on generational sharing.

A 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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