Mindless War Two
by John D. Trudel and General Paul E. Vallely (Ret)

"We face a new type of war. Americans are entering uncharted, revolutionary territory. The traditional bedrocks of the American system are dissolving."

Written to make their previous collaboration, Reality Prism, more accessible, this new offering covers many topics in the media today, with a large part of the focus being on a failing America and the rise of the New World Order. The book argues that the causes stem from people who have lost faith in God and are taking direct actions to manipulate America with an agenda promoting China and a global government. Crime and drug use in America, Covid-19, fake elections, and mind control of the population through social media and pharmaceutical companies are all part of this long-term, global plan of abolishing democracy and liberty and giving power to a few elites. The book also talks about the events on January 6, 2021 and how select branches of the government turned a peaceful protest into a labeled insurrection. The book presents several arguments for its claims, and the authors use some of their own social media research as support. Also, the book gives a brief overview of what a "mind war" is and how it is manipulating the truth and the American people.

The writing itself is easy to read and well-presented. It is concise and can be read in a single setting. The authors' belief in and passion for their subject comes across clearly. Readers of Ralph Reed’s For God and Country, Mark Levin's American Marxism, or Glenn Beck's The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First Century Fascism will find familiar landscapes. According to Trudel and Vallely—and as often emphasized in these books or alternative social media sites like Rumble or Gab—the situation is dire and needs immediate attention and corrective action to avoid a sinister future. These are a call to action for like-minded individuals, often near elections.

Trudel and Vallely remind us that early America was based on God and the Constitution and was a much better place to live. However, as the "City on the Hill," so to speak, America became a natural target due to its freedom and prosperity. This is now threatened due to the pursuit of a New World Order and a one world government. The authors make the case that the results are already seen in the inner cities, the failure of the US education system, and expanding control by big tech and pharmaceutical companies. The solution they offer is a return to a God-fearing way of life. China and the porous US borders are seen as major sources of trouble and influential to the left's political way of thinking. The ultimate goal of the opposing group is the destruction of America in a move to a one-world government. While some may feel that the authors are just as radical and polarizing as the claims they make against opposing worldviews, there will be many readers who find that this book boldly states their own beliefs and will likely share this work with others.

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