Mistress Rebecca Arrives
by Veronica Garrett

"I am offering you a job to be our maid… Although a little nervous, Stephanie feels comfortable in her skin for the first time ever."

Rebecca is a cruel mistress, and this novel about her unique services is for those who enjoyed Story of O, Venus in Furs, or Fifty Shades of Grey. This is a BDSM novel about how a dominatrix, Rebecca, trains her submissive lover, punishes her dungeon clients, and mentors a teenage runaway, born male, who is transitioning to a female-identified transsexual.

Rebecca shows clients her creative skills using a St. Andrews Cross, often getting help from her assistant, Candace, who is Rebecca’s submissive lover. They take breaks for breakfast or lunch, but mostly they meet clients in a dungeon that belongs to Alicia, the sole proprietor of an adult store called Get Your Kink On. Rebecca wants to satisfy fantasies, and while she is busy doing that, she helps young Stephanie feel affirmed, finish high school, and begin hormone replacement therapy. Rebecca understands Stephanie, revealing that the dominatrix does have a soft side.

The author’s book is obviously written with a very specific audience in mind. Readers comfortable with graphic sex scenes and narratives dealing with gender fluidity and body-positive sexual content will find these aspects in the storyline. This book is as hardcore as it is hard to put down. Rebecca’s sessions fulfill desires, and the book’s characters are revealed through their particular tastes. For example, Paul likes sodomy, and David is a pain slut. This book literally displays BDSM play on every page. The novel’s dramatic tension increases when Rebecca challenges Paul to a face-off with Linda’s monstrous size. Garrett’s writing reveals that there is no limit to Rebecca’s charms, and when she is ready, she reveals a pleasant surprise about her identity.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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