Moon Brothers: The Brotherhood of the Blue Moon
by Talia Sallem
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"According to all the old legends, it all started in Scotland thousands and thousands of years ago."

Luke is a college student living a normal life in Florida with his mother and with friends he has known since he was a child. But as he nears his twenty-first birthday, his mother reveals a family history that changes the course of his life. He learns shocking secrets about who and what he really is. For example, he discovers his real name is Noah and that he descends from members of a Scottish clan that, over generations, have become wolf shapeshifters. With Luke nearing his own transformation, his mother decides it's time to reunite him with his father and teach him the ways of the wolves. When he joins his extended family in Canada, he takes his place as a powerful player in a clan war that will have far-reaching consequences.

Filled with romance, action, and fantasy, this story of one extraordinary family pulses with action and suspense. An exciting saga unfolds as Luke/Noah discovers his powers, bonds with his family, and finds true love. Sallem is a gifted storyteller who builds a world grounded in deep history but crackling with modernity. The characters are fierce and compelling as they are drawn deeper into conflict and seek to protect their families at all costs. The main protagonist and his mate have intense chemistry, and together they stand against the forces that seek to destroy their bond. But as the hero grows in power, he becomes a target and endangers all those around him in the struggle for dominance. With pace and imagination, Sallem plots an action-packed romantic fantasy that will leave readers clamoring for the next book in the series.

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