Moon Luck
by Wayne Scott Harral
Outskirts Press

"Among such a large diverse group of one-percenters from so many backgrounds and with different agenda, there were bound to be some personality clashes."

In the near future, countries across the globe have come together in a united effort to make living in space a reality, starting with the moon. Tensions frequently rise amongst the crew, wanting to be the first in the line of innovation for their country's respective programs. However, those aboard the Venturous and other subsequent stations work diligently to further their endeavors to eventually make moon living a reality. When one of the astronauts is suddenly killed in a mysterious explosion, tensions are driven even higher as they try to piece together the puzzle of what happened. Was it an accident, or was it murder?

The premise of this book will absolutely draw in science fiction lovers as well as those interested in space travel. Readers will be able to tell the extensive research put into developing this book, with all of the details provided about the various space programs available in modern times. It highlights the creativity and imagination of what could be possible for these space programs in the coming years and decades, which is definitely one of this story's strongest pulls. The plot starts slow, but it takes readers on quite an interesting journey in piecing together the puzzle once it picks up the pace. The technical information provided throughout can also make the dialogue between the characters come across as a bit stiff. However, it offers a heavy amount of useful exposition for the characters and plot. All in all, this novel has enough story to keep the interest of science fiction and mystery lovers while also capturing the fascination of those who wonder what life in space could be like in the inevitable future.

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