Moonlighting to Spirituality
by Das Satwinder S. Vig
Author Reputation Press

"Time has come for every individual to obtain the knowledge of the real meaning of the mother earth, as we are proceeding to the worst era of our times."

This short book examines many issues. It begins with a welcome and then six chapters focusing on "the mother earth," the physical body (along with five other bodies within the physical), the human body as related to the earth, and mediations. It examines the need for positivity and balance with the planet, the harm humans have caused, and a few mystics. The author also explores the history of politics, war, and the economy within the 1990s and the selfish needs of the U.S.A.

Examining karma, God, and Satan, the book looks at karma to rectify one's sins through reincarnation while utilizing meditation. The chapter on meditation focuses on the methods, having "good intentions," and how to keep the balance between positive and negative karma. The end examines what the author sees as controversy, as he doesn't believe one needs to attend church, a mosque, or a temple but instead focus on just loving one another.

The author's book shows the need to work to save the earth with a timely focus on the necessity for balance, knowledge, positivity, love for the planet, and love for each other. The text covers a wide variety of issues. However, the general effectiveness of the narrative would be enhanced by some additional editing, especially in the areas of spelling and grammar. Overall, though, the author's work might be a useful tool for those needing help examining the basics of metaphysics. And, ultimately, the book leaves the reader with the most positive of messages: love each other.

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