"They climbed with great difficulty and yet would not give up trying to help their friends as much as they could."

Long ago when the Greek gods ruled, Pegasus founded the equine race, giving rise to both flying horses, like himself, and unicorns. This story begins when he sends three pairs of mated unicorns to earth from Mount Olympus to look after Zeus' creatures. He appoints them as Day or Night Unicorns. Jecco and Moonbeam—Night Unicorns and the love of each other's life—are about to become parents. But Hades, god of the underworld, is determined to prevent the birth. He succeeds halfway when his pet sabertooth tiger kills Jecco in a fight. Heavily pregnant, alone, and determined to save her offspring, Moonbeam escapes to bear Seequest, king of all unicorns. In a century of life, Seequest never stops learning how to be an effective ruler, earns universal love and respect through his admirable character, and, by immaculate conception, eventually founds the species known today as the modern horse.

As the title suggests, this book tells Chapman's own fable of the Pegasus legend. Part of that is an account of how the unicorn Moonbeam surrendered her horn to the sea god Neptune in return for his help to give birth. In a fashion reminiscent of present-day seahorses, the stallion Seequest carries and gives birth to twin foals who then are born as creatures most people today would recognize as horses. A reduction in lifespan from one hundred years down to approximately thirty is mentioned as a significant difference between the species. At the end of the book, the author helpfully summarizes the ancestry of various horse breeds. Horse and unicorn enthusiasts and lovers of Greek mythology may enjoy this fantasy offering.

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