My Poetry Corner
by S.R. Sutton
PageTurner Press and Media

"I give my devotion and my heart."

This extensive collection features pieces from several poetry anthologies written by Sutton (alongside contributions from other writers) and is intended as a legacy for his children. A brief bio introduces the author, discussing his education as a nurse, close family ties, and motivations as a writer before leading onto the seven major sections that make up the work. Each section covers a wide variety of topics, including identity issues, societal reflections, opinions on life, and the importance of healthy relationships. While mostly nonfiction and serious in tone, offerings like "Moon Child" and "Ali's Vindaloo" are either fantastical in nature or have lighthearted twists that are pleasant surprises to read as well.

Even though the poems in this anthology come from various sources, common themes and issues connect each section and make the overall flow of the work smooth. What also helps is the author's conversational, at times quite vulnerable, voice that can easily draw in the reader. It feels like having an intimate discussion with (and a pep talk from) a grandfatherly figure, which is appropriate given the intention to create a memento to pass along to younger generations. Additionally, the sense of an older writer considering those to follow only gets emphasized in the section that highlights fellow poets and in the invitation for interested readers to join an online writing group founded by him. All these elements lead to a heartfelt and compassionate experience for anyone who reads the wisdom and perspectives of this writer, someone who friends and family members will clearly remember fondly long into the future.

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