New World Order
by Robert Slaughter & Jerry Brown

"Anyone who stands against our New World Order will be silenced! The future has already been planned and is in motion."

In this sci-fi novel, forces are pitted against each other in the Federation’s desire to gain control of the nations. Tristan Hart, a mercenary trained by the elite Institute VI, finds himself caught in espionage and intrigue while on a mission to destroy a Zyn depository. Zyn, a natural energy source, provides power to the world’s infrastructure. The question is, “Why would one country be so compelled to control this natural resource, something that benefits all of humankind?” When Tristan is sent to meet with a Federation informant, he encounters Eliza Nyvala, the Federation general’s daughter. There is an instant attraction between the two, and Tristan becomes devoted to keeping her safe from forces that would harm her to keep Federation secrets intact. However, the two discover that nothing is as it appears, and when the man known as The Enlightened One kidnaps her, Tristan is desperate to find a way to save her and the world.

From beginning to end, this novel is a rollercoaster ride of action as opposing forces struggle for control. Part of the Ebonfall Saga, described as a trilogy within a trilogy, this novel can be read as a standalone. The authors build a fascinating world and unique characters as interesting as the world they create. For example, Jo is a Paputa Nagori—a short, cute creature whose species is valuable to the Federation because of its unique art and abilities to time travel. Viktor, or Subject Six, described as “an experiment gone awry,” is Tristan’s nemesis. Bailey Scovlin, a journalist with a bodyguard named Atlas, is an Acrolyte or lion man. Readers will find familiar parallels in this sci-fi adventure, including a race believing they are superior with a desire for world dominance. Overall, this is a compelling novel that is engaging from the first page.

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