"When all else failed, when the chips were down and they may have wanted to give up, they kept the faith."

As someone who has endured the rat race and incessant feelings of emptiness despite being accomplished, Potts is easy to relate to as she delivers hope to her audience. From the outset, the author establishes that if one simply looks like they are living the best version of themselves, it doesn't necessarily mean they are not struggling. What stems from an epiphany while being stuck in rush-hour traffic evolves into the courage to dream big and subsequently take action to bridge the gap between her vision and reality.

Too often, Potts stresses, individuals simply exist. Her work is centered around fulfilling a God-driven purpose and waking up to one's inner spirit, the truest awakening of all. When one is moving in faith, they can pursue their natural gifts and passions that have been pushed deeper and deeper into the mind's recesses. Though prayer and faith are central to her vision, she also incorporates the knowledge earned from her doctorate in education by integrating a career interest survey and tailoring her message to all audiences, including those who are underserved and who sometimes get lost in the shuffle of the educational system.

Potts uses swimming and garden metaphors to help her readers understand that they will be tested but must simply push through and plant their vision through faith to ultimately reap what is sown with concrete action. In fact, Potts dedicates an entire section for steps to implementation that begin with a needs assessment and culminate with mentorship and action. Fear and self-doubt are brought to the forefront through the iconic Black Panther film, demonstrating that one must persevere and keep pushing when all seems lost. More than anything else, it is this relatability factor that makes Potts's endeavor a meaningful read.

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