Nikkie: A Stowaway, in an Old Bed and Breakfast Inn
by Leo M. Janzen and Joyce Feldman

"It was so majestic, so huge, and yet somewhat eerie."

The book relates the story of Nikkie, who lives with her grandmother. Nikkie has always wanted to spend the night at the Spurs ‘n’ Lace inn. It is located across the street from her home. This place fascinates her a lot, and she would always imagine what it would be like to stay there. She works up her nerves one day, packs her stuff in a backpack, and heads there. Once she stands in front of the building, she looks up the prices of the rooms but realizes that she cannot afford one. She only has a twenty-dollar bill. Even though she does not have the money, she goes inside. Her curiosity gets the best of her. The more Nikkie explores this place without anyone noticing her, the more she wants to know every piece of this bed and breakfast.

Janzen and Feldman dive into the protagonist’s emotions. For example, they describe how she feels when she sees something that intrigues her. The authors successfully show how when Nikkie finally enters Spurs ‘n’ Lace, she has so many emotions churning inside her. She is scared and excited at the same time. She is finally discovering the place of her dreams. The nudgings of conscience are brought out also. For instance, she knows she is not supposed to be there, but she cannot let go of that urge. This emotion leads her to go deeper into this inn. She cannot help it, as she has wanted this for so long. These various feelings put her in this position to achieve her goals by any means necessary. The more she keeps on navigating this rabbit hole, the less afraid she is to be discovered. The book sends the message that exploring new territories and following one’s dreams can be rewarding.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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