Nine Lives of a Scouser
by David C. Pickard

"Life always presents other opportunities to finish the job."

From recollections of an early childhood dominated by Hitler's bombings of Liverpool to emotional confessions regarding a beloved wife's decline, detailed, diary-like entries bring readers into the most intimate and interesting parts of the author's life. As they follow the author's journey, readers vicariously experience work in various careers in companies like Cammel Laird & Co. Ship Builders and Engineers, Ford, and Cross Company. They also encounter cultural differences, misunderstandings, and common grounds in countries like Poland, where the author struggles with understanding "the misguided nature of Iron Curtain countries in respect of trust values." By the book's end, readers have enjoyed a life well-lived, and they grieve with the author as his wife's death reshapes his life and sends him down another unique, fulfilled path.

In this nonfiction work, the narrative travels not only through England but also some of the world's most misunderstood countries. This book is a detailed look into one man's life, where personal talent and societal need hold hands and guide the author onto the often unexpected paths life presents. Also presented is a needed discussion regarding grief and recovery as the author travels through the painful loss of his spouse. The historical elements add a bit of romanticism to the book, and those interested in unexplored snippets of history and culture will gravitate to those portions of it. This book is an all-around enjoyable read with a conversational tone, especially in its depictions of subcontractor life behind the Iron Curtain and India. In essence, it is a poignant tale of one person's efforts to reclaim his life after death and loss deal a merciless blow.

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