"I’m sincerely impressed. You actually found buried treasure. A lot of people spend a lifetime trying to do that."

A family tragedy is the prelude to an adventure packed with murder, hidden treasure, and plenty of fears to face down. Bryn Baczek’s life continues to be anything but normal when she receives a letter from her eccentric, treasure-hunting Uncle Wade informing her that he is terminally ill and giving her instructions for after his passing. However, Uncle Wade soon ends up dead much earlier than expected, and when Bryn has a chance to inspect his house, both she and her cousin Ellie conclude that his death was no accident. Was it at the hands of rival treasure hunters trying to get the jump on the find of a lifetime, a group of unscrupulous cousins eager to locate his will and make sure they were in it, or somebody else entirely?

The Macavity & Me mystery series continues in this installment that makes the crime personal for manager-turned-sleuth Bryn. In true whodunit fashion, the first act does a flawless job of introducing the principal characters and loads of suspects, all with their own motives. The setting is a fresh spin on a classic formula, with plenty of clues, riddles, and red herrings along the way to a cache of lost artifacts discovered and kept hidden until they can be safely recovered. The dynamic between Bryn and Ellie, who grew up together and then apart, is heartwarming, and they make a great team supporting each other throughout the adventure. Readers who like a good pulpy mystery that has plenty of danger and excitement but an underlying cozy and friendly atmosphere at its heart will treasure this story for its full length.

A 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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