Nothing Comes After Z: Death and Retribution in Tepoztlan
by Ana Manwaring
Indies United Publishing House

"I am that person, Dylan, I wanted to shout. But it would be a lie. I was a girl with too much baggage, and part of the baggage was after me."

JadeAnne Stone is in a world of hurt and confusion. She is recovering from a recent gunshot wound and being tended to by her estranged biological father while residing at a former brothel. JadeAnne is fleeing from the lethal Los Zetas and their attempt to ensnare her in a large human trafficking ring. Her refuge from immediate harm lacks security in her mind. The man who calls himself her father is still enshrouded in mystery. Her once ally may have led her into a trap, and she doesn't know who to trust. She saved a young teen from human bondage but is at a loss in how to get her back to the United States. JadeAnne's confusion yields to anger, as she desires payback against the criminals who harmed her.

This is the engaging third book in author Manwaring's series of mystery novels. The adrenalin rush commences in the opening pages, with the chaos from the previous story bubbling over with ferocity. The beauty of Mexico and the charm of its citizens are offset by the rampant violence accompanying the scourge of organized crime. JadeAnne is a heroine with a healthy dose of skepticism who doesn't suffer betrayal or fools lightly. The paranoia that follows her every movement is palpable, and Manwaring conveys this with the flair of a seasoned writer. JadeAnne's adversaries are often faceless but imposing nonetheless. Manwaring's latest offering proves riveting due to its realistic subject matter. For any followers of JadeAnne's stories, this book is a gem and a worthy entry point for any newbies.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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