Nurse Florence, What Is Heat Exhaustion?
by Michael Dow, RN, MS, MHA, MSM
Dow Creative Enterprises

"Maybe it's an opportunity for the world to unite and solve something big together so we wouldn't fight so much...""

Students are concerned as they have just left a class where their teacher spoke about climate change. They worry about the effect it will have on them and the planet and wonder what they can do to be prepared. They sit with Nurse Florence at the lunch table and share their distress. They ask questions, and Nurse Florence shares information about some common sense ways to care for themselves and others. As the temperatures are continuing to rise around the world, Nurse Florence leads the children through a gamut of complications from exposure to heat that can become deadly if not taken seriously. Her explanation of heat exhaustion includes the symptoms and signs to watch for and provides ideas for care that include knowing when to get professional medical help.

Dow has dedicated this work to the historic hero Florence Nightingale and others who’ve helped create the compassionate nursing profession known in today’s world. He has taken a serious and deadly concern and found an engaging path to share information that helps children be better informed and prepared to handle the heat. The situation can be terrifying as it is a worldwide problem, but this book can help ease children's fears. This book does not sugarcoat the issue of a planet where the temperatures continue to rise, but it does provide answers in a way that allows children to manage the issues they see and feel daily from the heat. By using a credible, compassionate nurse to share factual information, Dow has children understanding and ready to put into practice good protocols for tolerating the heat.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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