Once in a Lifetime
by Barbara Fisk
Word Art Publishing

"My dreams slowly dissolved with the repeated squawking of a jay by the bedroom window."

In clear prose and with an authentic voice, this book examines the intimate space in which nature's glory and human existence meet and briefly share a life-changing moment. Readers meet feeding birds and squawking jays in the early mornings. They encounter small fawns separated from their mothers and the beauty of wild ducks. Predatory birds like owls become close friends, and beautiful pheasants share their dance with onlooking humans. Readers can almost hear the music of spring, such as a not-often-heard chorus of crows sharing their song with those ready to hear as well as the light tapping woodpeckers bring to listeners' ears. One experiences the seasons' passing and the gifts that each offers those willing to look closely. This book even celebrates the butterflies' brightness, which has the power to transform the darkest day into a better one.

Accompanying the essays are colorful photographs of the animals, birds, and other creatures on which the writings focus. This careful fusion of visual art and the written word creates a wholesome, interactive experience for readers. The book is appropriate for all ages. For adults hoping to ignite a love of nature and the environment in younger generations, its conversational tone and personal insights offer a great teaching tool. For those looking to return to nature to experience the healing it can offer, this book serves as a type of devotional, a daily reader to which they can turn in their times of need. With its embrace of Emerson and Thoreau's philosophies regarding nature, the book is like a modern version of Walden. It is a book sure to lure readers deeper into nature's majesty.

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