"Here Axel was, a normal college teacher, about to venture into a cloak-and-dagger type theme."

Axel Tressler looks at first glance like a normal person, a collegiate professor of biology who is making a comfortable amount of money and is enjoying a new love interest. Despite his normal appearance, a traumatic episode his mother went through shortly before his birth led to an abnormal amount of mitochondria in Axel's body, giving him access to extra strength and power when he needs it. For this reason, his twin brother Adam turns to him, introducing him to a secret government agency that he works for. Combining his supernatural ability with the latest in nanotechnology, Axel becomes The Follower, a do-all agent who can establish peace and carry out dangerous missions through his combined use of super strength and cutting-edge soldier technology. Living the double life of a college professor and traveling the world on clandestine operations, The Follower somehow navigates these disparate experiences.

Drawing heavy inspiration from a combination of hero-focused mediums, this story reads like a high-budget superhero blockbuster movie with mass appeal, combining elements of comic books and spy fiction to create an entirely new and exciting mythos. With globe-trotting action, budding romance, and plenty of interesting gadgets and thrilling fights, the book immediately draws readers into Axel's world and causes them to eagerly anticipate each scene. The author does a great job writing at different paces and even somewhat different genres, juggling multiple storytelling types that evolve and change with the plot. Offering something for everyone in a tight, focused, and driven storyline that keeps readers turning page after page, this book is inventive and creative when it needs to be and evokes nostalgia for other classic heroes at all the right times.

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