"Whatever letters remain today from these seven women open the door for us to peek inside their innermost thoughts and hearts."

Retired pastor and theological thinker Ehrenborg conveys the voices of seven dynamic Christian women, both as women acting as they felt women should and as spiritual movers and world changers. Thousands of years ago, prophetess Judge Deborah led and fought with an army to protect Israel. Miriam (Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus) upheld his principles and reflected his glories throughout her life. Mother Clare was the founder of a conventual order based on pure poverty, prodding the Church to return to its original principles. Katie Luther was Martin’s spouse. Married during the Reformation, she supported her husband’s work, setting the model for a clergyman’s wife. Susanna Wesley was mother to John and Charles (the founders of Methodism), who saw in her an example for church organization, recalling prayer meetings and Bible study in their childhood home. Catherine Booth, with her husband William, founded the worldwide Salvation Army. And Mother Teresa dared to leave her convent to live with and as the poorest of the poor.

Ehrenborg has given these remarkable souls new speech, composing letters as they might have been written by each one. The letters contain autobiographical recollections meshed with deep spiritual counsel. The author’s ability to bring these women to life is underpinned by her scholarly research and clear admiration for her chosen subjects. She carefully shows each in the context of their individual circumstances as wives, mothers, nuns, or simply devout human beings longing to please their Lord and help their fellow humans. Ehrenborg stresses that none would have considered herself a feminist, and all were compelled by their gifts and visions of enlightened action. Ehrenborg’s book merits study by Christians, and especially by women of faith, seeking new heights of achievement by building on the accomplishments of their foremothers.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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