Out of Evil
by Eleanor Riley
Trafford Publishing

"That was the moment they were both waiting for without even knowing it, a moment of revelation, a moment of strength, confessing to each other they had known the love of God."

Riley's novel deals with struggle, personal journeys, love, redemption, danger, and the passion of God and Jesus. It is a story of Rose, a twenty-two-year-old black woman who loses her parents to a plane crash when she is four. Her aunt takes her in and raises her in a loving, Christian home. Rose completes college and decides she needs to find herself by moving away to Florida without any plans except living in the house she bought. She knows God's love has guided her. A random event leads her to meet Peter, a pilot, and she helps him cope with the sudden death of his mother, who leaves Peter a letter about her traumas and his birth as well as a large inheritance. A quick marriage proposal leads to an unbelievable story from Peter's past. But how will this affect their relationship? And how is Rose's aunt causing problems for the two of them? The novel also explores evil deeds and forgiveness. In the end, one wonders if money really is manna from Heaven.

In this love story, readers not only learn about destiny and the hand of God but also the importance of others in their lives. They also discover the connection of others to their own paths while embracing life with all of its difficulties and trauma. The storyline is a bit choppy at times, and the importance of money is rather revealing. However, the focus on God during life's ups and downs is compelling and makes for the novel's most outstanding element. The ongoing focus on the values of a Christian life filled with the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer and music is also extensively revealed throughout the story. The author's book will undoubtedly be an uplifting novel for many.

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