Pages (Heritage Art Park series, book 3)
by Kathy Weyer
Manuscript Muse

"It's about finding your passion & going against the grain of what others expect."

Jade Robinson is at a loss when Iris Anderson, her elderly employer and companion, passes and leaves her estate to Jade. Jade, mostly a wanderer who was ready to leave, is now a member of Heritage Art Park with a huge house and plenty of funds at her disposal. In an attempt to do right by her late friend and build a foundation for her life, Jade becomes more involved in the community. She uses her home as a domestic violence shelter for fellow community members, leasing one of the houses to convert into a literary hub.

But there's a problem. Jade Robinson is a fake identity, one that's stuck ever since she ran away from her foster home, joined the Army, and then was picked up by Iris and brought to Heritage Park. And while things seem to be going well with her new inheritance, ghosts from her past start to pop up and seemingly threaten Jade's safety and security.

The latest installment in a series, this novel focuses on a relative newcomer to Heritage Park and the second chance she's been given. While it can easily be read as a stand-alone, prior characters from the first two books are featured. Jade is in her early twenties with a lot of baggage, and the community at Heritage Park gives her a chance to set down some roots. Being fairly young, Jade tends to be immature. However, what's great about her character is that she's willing to put in the work to grow and be a better person. Fans of the author's work will likely find this book a worthy addition to the series.

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