Pandora’s Box: Triforce
by Alan Davis

"Thousands of memories from past lives full of love and happiness were known to them."

This intense, complex novel spans two fictional worlds—one physical and one spiritual. Darth, a renowned sage, is deep into his pursuit of the Infinity Stone. He endures many tests on this journey that push him to the limit. His incredible strength and mystical presence reveal his identity to more than just his fellow mystics. This brings unwanted attention to himself and suffering on a grand scale. Those who would harm him have no idea how he is tied to the spirit world.

Darth has a unique network of friends, including world leaders, sages, and common villagers. Sunita, the newly selected Lady of Berkana, will be his most important ally, at least in this realm. She left the modern world to travel, study ancient faiths, and discover her power. Understanding the other world, referred to as TON, gives Sunita a balanced perspective. Her wisdom will be needed as the kingdoms she travels to are falling into a time of turmoil.

The author's novel is packed with action. The classic theme of quests for a magical icon (actually a quest to discover oneself) filters through both the adventures and the romance. The idea of having a soul mate, a companion for eternity, is key to Darth’s success. This volume, part of a trilogy, has rich ties to history, mythology, and philosophy cleverly woven together in a dense narrative. Davis presents a magical, interesting world with vibrant settings, intelligent dialogue, and curious subplots. A host of vivid, dynamic characters carry the readers through fantastical journeys and intrigues. As an award-winning writer, Davis boldly threads his unique perspective into a story filled with tales of humans and celestial beings. His book will appeal to a wide audience, especially science fiction, historical fiction, and mythology fans.

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