Paranormal Noise: Listen Beyond the Silence
by Marco Santucci
Author Reputation Press

"Those of us who dare step over the threshold to the Other Side while alive must always be aware that the evil is just as close as the good..."

As a young Catholic, ghosts and spirits weren’t a topic of conversation in Santucci’s household. Later, after his conversion to fundamentalist Christianity, he was warned that any interest in psychic abilities was bad, an association with the dark side. In this thematic memoir, Santucci examines what is revealed as a lifelong connection to the “other side.” He first noticed sensing unseen phenomena in his bedroom in early childhood. As with many paranormal investigators who begin contacting the dead after losing family members and friends, Santucci’s first contact was with his mother in the weeks after her death.

Santucci writes in a reassuring and easy-to-read conversational style. His research into existence beyond the grave is discussed in each chapter. The most fascinating experiences are the direct recordings Santucci made simply by turning on a voice recorder in a retail store he worked in and, later, in areas of homes where he sensed otherworldly activity. The author is sometimes accompanied by one of his daughters, who are said to see ghosts and spirits clearly.

Another intriguing feature in the book is how Santucci talks about a male spirit who somehow attaches to him, describes other spirits that Santucci encounters, and even mediates with them. According to the author, some spirits mention various levels or destinations in the afterlife with odd but familiar names such as Compton and Watercourt. Lending credibility to the author’s other recordings is his visit to a well-known paranormal hotspot, the Mission Inn—an elaborately constructed hotel in Riverside, California. The author’s book will likely appeal the most to fans of television shows such as Ghost Hunters.

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