Paris Secrets (A Jake McGreevy Novel: Book 3)
by Sean Vogel
MB Publishing

"The light bathed row after row of ghostly shapes, pieces of furniture covered with sheets and standing like an ancient army that was ready to come to life."

This is a tale of mystery, secrets, family, and pastries. The story takes place in Paris, France, where Jake and Ben have been selected to represent the United States in a baking contest at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. While in Paris on spring break, the two shift between the baking contest and trying to figure out the mystery of Jake's family. Armed with only a tattered photo taken from the window of an apartment building in the city, Jake sets out to discover the secrets of his mother's past. What he finds trails even further back to his great-grandmother and a book that may point the way to hidden heirlooms.

However, to discover them, Jake, Ben, and the friends they meet along the way must make twisted turns through parks, catacombs, national archives, a grotto, the Opera House, and even the police station without getting caught. Will the people they meet help or hinder their quest to find answers? What will be the outcome of the baking contest? And who is the guy on the red moped that seems to be following them?

These answers and more can be found in the pages of this young adult novel written with exquisite detail by Vogel. Each scene is described so vividly readers will feel like they have stepped out of the pages and directly into Paris's streets. Mouths will undoubtedly water from the depiction of the dishes created during the baking contest. And, the storyline keeps one guessing page after page. Throughout the book, there is a good mix of inspired history and French language, adding authenticity to the story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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