Past Lives Denied
by Ellenmorris Tiegerman
Scholar Dreams Publishing

"'Someone wanted payback. They wanted to belittle the President, to destroy the image of an icon of power,' she ended abruptly."

Caitlyn Morrys, a psychology professor, has been experiencing recurring nightmares about her past lives, which leave her feeling disturbed. She is determined to make sense of these dreams and understand how they relate to her present life. In her quest for answers, she reads self-help books and attends seminars. However, her investigation is obstructed by Inspector Robertson, who is investigating the murder of Richard Uzinski, the president of Coronado University. Uzinski was discovered stabbed in the back and half-naked in his office. As a member of the university personnel committee and a teacher at the university, Caitlyn is involved in the investigation. Robertson believes that the only way to solve the murder is for Caitlyn to comprehend and analyze her past-life regressions.

In her novel, Tiegerman delves into the subject of past lives and the yearning to comprehend them. This pursuit will likely resonate with many who believe in reincarnation. The author urges readers to be unafraid in their pursuit of answers to questions that have remained unanswered. Each character in the story possesses a distinct voice that sets them apart. The dialogue provides a glimpse into their personalities. For instance, Caitlyn is portrayed as a resolute and goal-driven individual who does not easily give up. Meanwhile, a murder mystery takes center stage in the narrative. Tiegerman sets a ticking clock for the protagonist concerning her past lives. If Caitlyn succeeds in making sense of them, she can solve the murder. The book brims with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It also highlights the unpleasant reality of the divergence of opinions on political views on university campuses, which can lead to tension between professors and students.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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