Pathway to Glory
by Edmund Schiavoni
Edmund Schiavoni Publishing

"Since losing his job he had been either too distraught or too drunk to care about money. However, with only thirty-two dollars left in his billfold, he cared now."

It is 1967, and Paul Stevens works as an assistant controller at a large company in New York. Paul has two young sons and is expecting another with his wife, Elaine. Like many people in this life, Paul is experiencing Thoreau’s quiet desperation. On a routine train trip to his office, Paul overhears two men discussing a promising new stock. When Paul unexpectedly comes into money left to him by his aunt, he dumps almost all of it into this stock, much to the chagrin of his wife. This awakens Paul’s greed, and he begins to pursue a risky move to take over the company for which he works, even breaking the law in the attempt. When everything crashes down on Paul, he and his wife separate, and Paul wallows in alcohol and self-pity.

Schiavoni has a background in finance, and his experience is shown in his writing. The situations his characters go through feel distinctly real and honest. His writing is professional, and the book is focused and easy to read. The overall theme of his novel is the classic fall from grace, and the work can be read as an extended parable against greed. The protagonist is a bit of an everyman, a feature that enables the reader to identify at least on some level with him. The book has a happy ending even if it is easily won. Readers who are interested in redemption stories and enjoy seeing their main character return from failure to the status quo will find this title to their liking.

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