Peaches and Jake and 19 Cobras: Oh, My!
by Paula Bailey

"Jake is on duty in the living room. He stays pretty close to the front door so that he can see everything."

Peaches and Jake are rescue dogs and starring in their second book. They are always on the lookout for the "19 Cobras" and their relatives, the "Delta Very Aunts." The author uses these wordplays to have the dogs talk about the Covid virus and basic practices people can use to stay safe. Also, the playful dogs have their own adventures. They can be mischievous and end up in doggie jail, help their owner bring in the mail and earn treats, or even take trips in the RV and pretend they are driving. The dogs are quite upbeat characters and enjoy their days. They have expressive faces, and their hijinks are accompanied by photos of them in action.

Bailey clearly loves her dogs and the adventures she has with them. Her book is full of short episodes detailing the dogs' actions with photos capturing the events. Although a few pictures are slightly blurry, most lend themselves well to the narrative. The dogs are also quite photogenic. The writing is easy to follow, although there is no clear indication when one section is over or the next begins. In some ways, the author's book reads a bit like a family photo album with short narratives to describe the pictures. The book is clearly targeted towards children and is specifically aimed at dog lovers. Those with canine companions or those who are fans of pets in general will likely find these two animals adorable and enjoy seeing their pictures and hearing their stories.

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