Peaches and the 19 Cobras
by Paula Bailey

"'You know, Peaches, we don’t know how long these 19 Cobras are going to be around, and this is pretty serious stuff.'"

When the pandemic began to pick up critical speed in 2020. and quarantine began for most people, it left many with lots of time and the creative urge to do something with it. For the author of this book, she took her existing hobbies and merged storytelling with them, using crafts and photographs to tell a whimsical and supportive story. Peaches and Jake are two dogs that mistake COVID-19 for a dangerous set of nineteen cobras, and though the fear is present and powerful, they find ways to have fun and stay sane in isolation as a family. Whether it describes getting up to hijinks, staying in touch with friends, or reorganizing their living space, each page features a humorous story with cute pet pictures that will hopefully ease the tension from readers looking for relief from a global crisis.

Being able to take a tough situation and spin something positive out of it is a quality that people look to in uncertain times. Likewise, the innocence of a beloved pet can be a much-needed boon in an environment where bad news and negativity persist in seemingly every corner. Readers who like dogs, positivity, or just a little silliness will get relief just by flipping through the pages and the photos in this book. Writing on a subject that can be so tragic or heart-breaking, yet deftly winding around it and trying to put it into the pile with every other challenge, takes a skilled hand. To do so, the writer must also have an honest desire to improve the collective mood. That requirement is firmly met and on display in this pleasant, relaxing read.

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