"We traveled to 32 countries. As we went, our goal was not merely to observe, but to accept, even integrate. To this end, we refrained from taking photos if a camera might break trust or introduce self-consciousness."

This insightful autobiographical work begins in 1950s San Francisco, where ocean fog seems to perpetually shroud the area. Readers meet the author, curious and filled with wanderlust, who wonders what boundaries and adventures lie hidden by the fog. From here, readers become active participants in the author’s life, which includes bouncing from residence to residence at Berkeley at the height of the hippie heyday. Readers also venture to places like southern Turkey and the invincible city of Termessos—the only city which Alexander the Great would not conquer. The journey continues, and the unknown beauty of cities like Karaj and Zanjan Rud comes across via engaging prose, making readers feel as though they are actually in these places. The book concludes with the author’s depictions of New Zealand, where “the life of memory” and Māori history reinforce the country’s uniqueness for readers.

This book is anything but another travel log. It is a careful look at cultures and places with which many readers remain unfamiliar. It is also a powerful story of overcoming cultural differences to fully engage with new people and new environments. The author states, “It is the delicate thread of sympathy that stitches humanity together,” and the accounts in this book remind readers about the interconnectedness shared by all of humanity. The book is also an inspiring reminder about what life can offer when individuals determine that they will live in the pursuit of their dreams. Moreover, the author’s open, honest accounts nudge readers to cherish the experience by lessening and avoiding the modern distractions which frequently interfere with or disrupt once-in-a-lifetime moments. For seasoned readers of travel writing, this book will be a worthy addition to their collections. For those looking for a new way to travel from home, this book brings the world to their fingertips.

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