Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes: Healthy Homemade Meals Made Easy
by Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D.
Author Reputation Press

"Did you notice that I don’t call it a cook book? Instead, I call it a recipe book, because raw food does not require cooking."

In this colorful, personal, and informative recipe book, readers gain a deeper insight into the practices and habits surrounding healthy eating. It is divided into five distinctive chapters. The book emphasizes the individual control each person has over their diet. The book also discusses how the act of preparing meals allows readers to have a deeper appreciation of not only the food they are making but also the art developed during meal preparation. Readers discover enticing plant-based dishes such as “Tomato Topped with Enoki Mushroom” and “Walnut and Bean Sprouts.” Each recipe is formatted as a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide. The colorful photos of each dish will also appeal to readers and can help them focus on a recipe’s physical presentation.

The author’s book not only focuses on ingredients and preparation; it also offers valuable insights into what foods will benefit people the most for what health conditions they may have or what healthy living goals they want to achieve. Readers will also discover an emphasis on mealtime management, which includes preparing meals for the week thoughtfully and ahead of time. For those new to the raw and whole foods diet, this cookbook is a great starting place to learn easy and accessible recipes that will transform their eating. It focuses on incorporating frequently overlooked ingredients like yam leaves into everyday meals. For readers who have been practicing vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diets for a long period of time, this book adds a refreshing take to familiar recipes by introducing elements from Asian culture and cooking.

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